Catholicism and Comedy

Jeremy McLellan · Release Date: November 14, 2022

This course explores how humor can be a means of sanctification. Through the cardinal and theological virtues, you will discover the clear connections between comedy and Catholicism. Catholicism helps direct comedy to its proper end, while comedy sheds light on how to live a better Catholic life. And on top of that, you will learn a few practical tips for writing better jokes.

Jeremy McLellan, both a Catholic and professional standup comedian, has spent years performing for a variety of audiences. Along the way, he’s been consumed with the questions he’ll be addressing in this series. Is there a uniquely Catholic understanding of comedy? Is humor part of the Catholic life? Can humor make us better people? Can jokes be a tool for evangelism? Should comedians be political? Are some jokes too offensive or too soon? Is nothing sacred? And, most importantly, is political correctness ruining comedy?

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