Happiness and the Meaning of Life

In this course, Dr. Jennifer Frey teaches us about what true happiness is and how morality and virtue play a part in achieving it. Referring to Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, and modern figures like Elizabeth Anscombe, Dr. Frey demonstrates the link between morality and the meaning of life. All people seek meaning in life and as evangelists, we must be able to discuss the depth of this universal question.

Dr. Jennifer Frey · Published Date: February 24, 2020

Topics Covered:

  • Dr. Frey tells the story of her conversion and how the discovery of Thomistic philosophy influenced her journey of faith
  • She draws the link between morality and the meaning of life
  • She helps us to understand what “the good life” is and how to attain it
  • She teaches the essential place of friendship for obtaining true happiness
  • Explains how sin detracts from real and lasting happiness

About Instructor

Dr. Jennifer Frey

Dr. Jennifer Frey is currently an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina. Previously, she was a Collegiate Assistant Professor of Humanities at the University of Chicago. She earned her PhD in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. She is also a wife and mother of six.

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