Science and Religion in Modern Astronomy

Karin Öberg · Release Date: January 9, 2023

Many opponents of religion today view the Christian faith as anti-science, claiming that recent astronomical discoveries disprove its foundational claims. Even Christians themselves often struggle to reconcile modern research with the revealed truths of the Scriptures and the existence of a Creator God. In this course, Dr. Karin Öberg addresses this perceived divide, exploring the findings of contemporary cosmology through a Christian lens to demonstrate what is in fact a fundamental compatibility. Over the course of four lessons and covering topics like the creation of the world, the size and knowability of the universe, and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, she offers to viewers a thoroughly informed yet religiously orthodox approach to understanding the world around them.

Dr. Öberg is professor of astronomy at Harvard University and serves on the board of the Society of Catholic Scientists. With a speciality in astrochemistry, she researches how chemical processes affect the outcome of planet formation, especially the habitability of nascent planets.

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