From Books to Ballads: How Great Writers Form Wise Catholics

Dr. Tod Worner laments that his education was mostly lacking in reading classic literature. Only after obtaining his degree did Dr. Worner start to read the great books, and he came to realize the profound wisdom therein. In this course, Dr. Worner shares the wisdom he has learned from classic literature, and why all of us should read them.

Tod Worner · Published Date: September 7, 2020

In this course, Dr. Tod Worner explains his education in great literature and how reading the classics helps us better understand the human condition.

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Tod Worner

Tod Worner is a husband, father, Catholic convert & practicing internal medicine physician. He is also the Managing Editor for the Word on Fire Institute Journal Evangelization and Culture. His blog, “Catholic Thinking”, is found at He also writes for Patheos (“A Catholic Thinker”) and the National Catholic Register. Follow him on Twitter @thinkercatholic.

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