WOFI Digital Summit 2019 – Day #1

DAY #1 - February 19th

Day #2 - February 20th

Day #3 - February 21st


We have all heard that the Catholic Church today is hemorrhaging members, especially its youngest. In this interview Jared Zimmerer talks to leading expert in the sociology of religion, Dr. Stephen Bullivant, about why Catholic disaffiliation is so rampant in the post-Vatican II era and what we can do about it.

One of the informing principles of the Word on Fire Institute is a commitment to evangelizing the culture. In this interview Brandon Vogt speaks with author and current doctoral student at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Fr. Damian Ference, to talk about how we can meet the culture where it's at and proclaim Christ effectively as modern evangelists.

Fr. Damian Ference's full 7-part course "To the Peripheries!" is now live in the Word on Fire Institute.

St. John Paul II observed in his great encyclical Fides et Ratio that the "quest for meaning" has always compelled the human heart. In this interview Jared Zimmerer talks to philosopher Dr. Jennifer Frey about the meaning of human life and how the innate human desire for happiness is a key entry point for evangelizing the religiously unaffiliated.

Pope Benedict XVI famously cautioned the Church against the "dictatorship of relativism" and the harrowing dangers that follow from a belittling of objective truth. In this interview Dr. Matt Nelson speaks to philosopher Dr. Matthew Petrusek about the intellectual and practical pitfalls of relativism, and how today's evangelists can turn minds away from this worldview which pervades our religiously disengaged culture.


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